Are you ready to admit you are not ok and are broken? We live in a world where you are expected to happy 24/7.  We sometimes brush our pain under the rug just to keep our heads above water. Life is not an easy road, and if you don't know how to weather your storms it will pull you in and tear you apart.

Fact is, people and things are going to hurt us. Pain is a part of life, and we all have been there. Whether is be by a nasty breakup, abandonment from your parents, betrayal by your best friend, or everyday struggles just not letting up we have all experienced pain. What if I told you, that you have the power over all of those things? You cant control what life throws at you, but you can control how you react to it.

We all handle our pain and struggles differently, but the plan is to heal and not let it harden your heart. The best, yet simplest example I can give is; Imagine when you get a nasty cut. What happens? It bleeds and you might feel some pain. You then wash it off or clean it up. You apply your ointment and bandage it. As days go by you check on it, and eventually with proper care it heals. The same thing goes for healing your heart, but with different methods.

Please note that everyone's healing process is different, and the time it takes to heal is different as well. Never compare your healing process to someone else's. In order to heal you have to want to be healed. Healing is not just wiping your tears, dusting off your shoulders and getting back up. There's more to healing than just that. Your healing process will never begin until you are ready to live in your truth, until then you are just masking the pain.

If you feel stuck in life, confused, worried, or you're just existing, book a one on one session with me and let me help you piece together the puzzle of your happiness. Book a session with me on: melaninrych.booksy.com

~Nyoki' Nikki